Meaning and Significance of Jupiter in Gemini Vedic Astrology

astro_21The native will be tall, well built, attractive eyes, benevolent, pure heart, scholarly, diplomatic, linguist or poet, elegant, incentive, sweet speech, clean habits, grateful personality, friendly to all, courteous, skilful, virtuous, will honor elders and relatives, devoted to his duties.

Jupiter is in Mercury’s sign, a dual, airy, odd sign. The combination will produce all good qualities described in (i). Jupiter is in 4th and 7th from own sign and from Gemini again lord of 7th and 10th. The combination of Jupiter and Mercury has already been discussed earlier.

This gives native ministership (Jupiter in any sign of Mercury) happiness, wife and progeny According to Varah Mihira. Jupiter in the house of Mercury or Vice Versa will confer an unusual degree of wisdom and intelligence.

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