Significance and Effects of Venus in Fifth 5th House Vedic Astrology

Venus in Fifth House:

In the Fifth house of Annual Chart Venus is said as “Bachon  Se Bhra Hua ghar-Parivar” 

venus_6The presence of Venus indicates that  the native will come across with high society friends and will be benefited  from their association. He will always be imaginative and get fame in  the society. He will be inclined to lead entertaining life.

His financial  position will improve due to his contacts with financial institutions. His  taste for experimental work will enhance. He will get the comfort from  his children and will get good results regularly in his life.

The center  point of his life will be to achieve success in all spheres of life and  mental peace. However. due to presence of enemy planets primarily he will  not get good results. Due to influence of bad planets he may get hurt  and even his son possibly may come to harm. He will be anxious  about his financial constraint. He will be disheartened from his own  people. His association with other women will lead to defecation in the  society and loss of wealth.

 Venus is malefic in following cases:-

1. Any planet posited in twelth house.  2. Enemy planet present in House No. 1-7. To increase the benefit: results and reduce the male?cs  take the following precautions and remedies  1 . Donate ?our to a temple for five days.  2. Build your character.

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